Inspection Cat – the full story

Do you know where your sewer inspection shaft is?

  I was called out recently to a home to clear a blockage. Having ordered the sewer plan from Water Corp I thought I knew where the inspection shaft was supposed to be, but it was nowhere in sight.

Do you know where your sewer inspection shaft is?

Here is the now famous Inspection Cat helping my locate the buried inspection shaft. (Note suspicious retaining wall on property boundary! When was that built?)

Digging to locate the buried sewer inspection shaft so I can fix the blocked drain

After some digging I finally located the buried inspection shaft. (This was obviously the original level of the front yard when the inspection shaft was installed.)  I then cleared the drain with my drain machine.

Raising the sewer inspection shaft once located, to make it easier to clear blocked drains in the future.

To prevent more hassle for the home owners  in the future, I decided to raise up the inspection shaft to ground level.


Here is the new raised inspection shaft brought up to the level of the grass.


I used the original (buried) valve box to protect it from damage.

It is important to know where your sewer inspection shaft is in case of blockages. It will make it much easier to clear the blockage and inspect the drain to confirm it is running clear. If you don’t know where it is you can call Water Corp on 13 13 75 to get a location or even order a sewer plan for your house… or if you call us to clear a blockage, we can do it for you!
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