Plumber in Joondalup needed to urgently repair burst Flexi Hose

plumber in Joondalup
Remember that burst flexi hose I posted about recently? This is a short video the customer took AFTER they’d turned the water off!     

Turn the water off first!

  The client, located in Connolly, urgently needed a Plumber in Joondalup when a rusted, worn flexible hose burst under their kitchen sink. Fortunately they did think to go and turn the water off before ringing for a plumber in Joondalup or taking the video!   It was lucky the customer was home when this burst occurred. They were able to quickly assess the situation and call Calvin’s Plumbing & Gas, a reliable plumber in Joondalup, to repair it. This meant they didn’t have to have their water off for very long. As you can see from the video in just a minute or two the water from the burst pipe had filled bowls and dishes in the cupboard. It had also begun overflowing onto their slate floor. (Thank goodness there was no carpet nearby either.)  

Avoid emergencies with regular inspection and maintenance

  Potential damage to cupboards, kitchen appliances or flooring can be avoided by regular inspection and maintenance. Take a look at the flexible hoses throughout your home. These are located under sinks, basins and next to your toilet. Are they starting to wear and rust like the ones in this customer’s home? In the photo below you can see the main burst as well as other rust spots forming along the hose.  

Plumber in Joondalup repairs burst flexi hose under kitchen sink  

This was a disaster waiting to happen.   Fortunately Calvin is very experienced in repairing bursts and leaks. He was able to fix the problem quickly so the customer could have their water turned back on.

  Plumber in Joondalup urgently needed  

It can be inconvenient to have to find an available plumber in Joondalup urgently. To avoid a burst over the holidays, check the flexible hoses under your taps regularly and call Calvin now to replace any rusted, worn hoses.   For more information on what to do if you have faults that Water Corp can help you with, visit this link at Water Corporation.  

Looking for a plumber in Joondalup?

 If you’re looking for a reliable plumber in Joondalup, Stirling or Wanneroo for maintenance or repair of burst pipes or flexi hoses and leaking taps or toilets, call Calvin at Calvin’s Plumbing & Gas on 0411 358 890.

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